Where do mangroves occur?

Mangrove forests are found between the latitudes of32º N and 38º S, along the tropical and subtropical coasts of Africa, Australia, Asia, and the Americas.

The largest remaining tract of mangrove forest in the world is found in the Sundarbans on the edge of the Bay of Bengal, stretching from SW Bangladesh to SE India.
The countries with the largest area of mangroves are:
1) Indonesia
2) Brazil
3) Australia
4) Nigeria
5) Mexico
Estimates of mangrove diversity indicate that there are 16-24 families and 54-75 species worldwide. The greatest mangrove species diversity exists in SE Asia.
Only 12 mangrove species are found in the Americas, with 4 of these occurring along portions of the SE USA (Florida) coast.

Source: http://mangroveactionproject.org/mangroves

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