Ecosystem Goods and Services

Ecosystem Services

The provision of habitat for aquatic and terrestrial fauna and flora cannot be overlooked.
75% of all tropical commercial fish species pass part of their lives in the mangroves, where they encounter:
  • nursery grounds
  • shelter
  • food
Other ecosystem services provided by mangroves include:
  • Guatemala Rhizophora aerial rootsprotection from strong winds & waves;
Mangroves’ protective buffer zone helps shield coastlines from storm damage and wave action, minimizing damage to property and losses of life from hurricanes and storms.
  • soil stabilization & erosion protection;
The stability mangroves provide is essential for preventing shoreline erosion. By acting as buffers catching materials washed downstream, they help stabilize land elevation by sediment accretion, thereby balancing sediment loss. In regions where these coastal fringe forests have been cleared, tremendous problems of erosion and siltation have arisen.
  • nutrient retention and water quality improvement through filtration of sediments and pollutants;
Mangroves have been useful in treating effluent, as the plants absorb excess nitrates and phosphates, thereby preventing contamination of nearshore waters.
  • flood mitigation;
  • sequestration of carbon dioxide;
Mangroves absorb carbon dioxide and store carbon in their sediments, thereby lessening the impacts of global warming; and
  • protection of associated marine ecosystems
Sea grass beds and coral reefs depend on healthy mangroves to filter sediments and provide nursery grounds for resident species.

Ecosystem Goods

Traditional and indigenous coastal populations have found sustenance from mangroves, collecting products and resources in a sustainable manner for hundreds or even thousands of years, including:
  • firewood
  • medicines
  • fibers & dyes
  • food
  • charcoal
  • construction materials

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  1. i didn't realize just how important mangroves are to the coastal areas and beachfronts. This realization is reinforced by the past calamity experienced by Japan, which is a tsunami.